Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The dreaded procrastination habit

I was reading an article about procrastination today and decided to put aside one hour every day to pay attention to my work which in my case is finishing my third book and keeping up to date with social media and blogging. The winter in particular is a hard time to drag yourself up off the comfortable chair in front of the fire and up to the room where the computer is feeling unused.
One way to beat the dreaded procrastination is to set aside the same time every day to do my work. I've decided to do this because if I don't I find it backlogging on me which only adds more pressure and I end up doing nothing at all because I feel so overwhelmed with it all! What is it that makes us all procrastinate when it makes life so much simpler to do what needs to be done at the time? The mind is a very powerful force and once the seed is sown the procrastination begins. So I think it is better not to start thinking about what I have to do in any great detail or it won't get done! If anyone has any suggestions about beating the procrastination bug I'd love to hear them.

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