Monday, 6 July 2015

Music tames the savage beast!!

I haven't blogged in a while and suddenly feel the need to discuss my present book The Brotherhood with you all. Thankfully I've had a great reaction to it so far and have received good reviews on it. I am sitting here at the moment relaxing after being out playing music with my family last night. My daughter Ella now gets up on stage with me to play the fiddle with the rest of the lads in the group. She's really starting to enjoy playing and I'm delighted now that myself and Caroline stuck with it and insisted on them practicing their music when they were small.  Tonight we'll be going out again, this time simply to sit around a table in a bar.

My son Rory will come along as well. Rory plays the uilleann pipes, flute and tin whistle and its a joy to watch them both grow in their ability.

Music is a big part of my life and strangely enough none of the characters in my books The Brotherhood and The Gun are in any way musical. There is a mention of a traditional session in The Gun but apart from that music has no role. Having said that I think the stories would make an excellent TV crime series and I would love to be involved in putting together a score to go along with the series.
Tadhg Sullivan the main character in the series is troubled and I believe music would help him to exorcise some of his demons. I find that songs and music are often a great way of expressing and hence expelling the things that trouble us.

Anyway thats whats on my mind at the moment. Hope to get back to you soon with another few thoughts.

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